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Antiques for Sale > Prints and Maps
M-10818: Map of North America prior to the French & Indian War 
M-790 - "Granata Nova et California" c 1597 - Wytfliet 
V-1572: Summer in the Country  
M-12901 - John Speed Map of Persia, c. 1626 
M-10821 - North America - French and Indian War Era 
M-11566 - Map of China and Korea by de Vaugondy, c. 1751 
M-11471 - Americas in the 1600's 
M-11934 - Map of the most considerable Plantations of the English in America - 1701 
M-12215 - Map of New England and New York, c. 1724 
M-12639 - Large separately issued map of France by Hermann Moll c. 1715 
M-12206 - c. 1719 Homann Mississippi River Region Map 
M-12980 - John Speed Map of Hungary - c. 1676 
M-12633 - Perrsia, Armenia, Turkey & Arabia in the 1730's 
M-13196 - Map of Turkey and Greece, c 1623 - Mercator-Hondius 
M-13904 - Cornerstone map of the Americas, c. 1644 Blaeu - Cartes a Figures  
M-13973 - Map of Virginia & Maryland, Speed, c. 1676 
M-13974 - Early Map depicting Virginia to Florida - Hondius, c. 1613 
M-11579 - JAPAN & KOREA - Hondius, c. 1606 
Antiques for Sale > Books, Manuscripts & Autographs
IM-3184: Medieval Bible Leaf - Sainte-Chapelle Group 
IM-722: Psalter Prayerbook with elaborate borders 
IM-10571 - Exquisite Book of Hours Leaf with miniature painting of Salvator Mundi 
IM-3300 - c. 1550 Gradual Title Leaf - Royal Workshop of Henri II 
IM-1796 - Medieval Missal Leaf - Sano di Pietro - Adoration of the Magi 
IM-4864: Book of Hours Leaf - Mass of St. Gregory 
A-988: Complete Set of Audubon's Birds of America - 1st 8vo edition 
IM-9336: Book of Hours and Calendar 
IM-4203 - Hours Leaf - Madonna & Child - Playfair Hours Style 
IM-5255 - Prayerbook leaf with painting of Peter & Paul in style of the Master of the Dresden Prayerbook 
IM-4608 - Illuminated Manuscript Cutting - Three Marys at the tomb - c. 1275 
IM-8875 - Medieval Bible leaf with miniature of David in prayer 
IM-1473 - Book of Hours Leaf - Coetivy Master Workshop 
IM-11333: Medieval Missal Leaf with miniature paintings of The Trinity & Pentecost - c 1470-80 
IM-4607 - Miniature painting of Christ, St. Paul & Eleven Apostles - c. 1530 
IM-3395 - Choirbook Leaf with exceptional miniature of Zacharias and John the Baptist 
IM-10689 - Book of Hours Leaf, c. 1460-80 with miniature painting of David in Prayer 
IM-3123 - Medieval Bible Leaf with miniature of St. Paul 
IM-1335 - c. 1440-50 Gregorian Chant - formerly in Dyson-Perrins collection 
IM-10272 - Book of Hours Leaf with miniature painting of The Deposition 
IM-3614 - Medieval Bible Leaf with miniature of Jonah in the Whale and Christ in Magesty 
IM-4865 - Book of Hours Leaf with miniature of the Garden of Gethsemane 
IM-716 - c. 1524 Psalter-Prayerbook leaf with elaborate borders 
IM-10685 - Missal Leaf for Easter Sunday with miniature painting of The Resurrection 
IM-10710 - Medieval Book of Hours Leaf with elaborate borders, c. 1420-40 
IM-11187 - Gregorian Chant, c. 1778 - Italy 
IM-2733 - Medieval Bible Leaf with miniature painting of St. Paul - De Brailes Workshop 
IM-1518 - Medieval Book of Hours Leaf - Exceptional Illuminations c 1460 
IM-11675 - Medieval Book of Hours Leaf - Elaborate Borders with Birds 
IM-11798 - Book of Hours Leaf c. 1490 Whimsical Dragon-like Creature 
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