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Sold Antiques
M-12902 - John Speed 1676 Map of Russia 
M-11298: ohn Speed map of Germany - 1676 
IM-5252 - Miniature painting of St. Sebastian 
M-11297: National Flags - Issued during the Civil War 
M-11328: Schenk Map of the Heavens 
M-11329: Seutter map of Northeast w inset of NYC 
M-11332: Two Maps: Northern and Southern Skies, c. 1720 
IM-10615 - Highly decorative Book of Hours Leaf with miniature painting of St Matthew 
M-12321 - Map of the Holy Land c. 1686 with 5 large vignettes 
PA-3107 - Ancient Festooned Glass Flask - Byzantine or Islamic?, c. 8-10th Cent AD 
PA-3106 - Wonderful Terracotta Camel - 5th century AD 
M-11670 - Fry/Jefferson Map of Virginia & Maryland - 1755 
M-11672 - The West Indies in the early 1600's - Mercator - Hondius 
M-10186 - United States during the Civil War - AZ & NM Horizontal 
M-11172 - Map of the World and Heavens in 1730 
IM-8501 Book of Hours Leaf with painting by the Doheny Master 
IM-4866 Book of Hours Leaf with miniature of the Pentecost 
IM-4086 Book of Hours Leaf - David in Prayer 
IM-1655 Book of Hours Leaf - painting of Matthew writing his gospels 
IM-1398 - Book of Hours Leaf with miniature of the Pentecost 
IM-4472 - Psalter-Prayerbook with miniatures of Saints Martin & Sebastian 
IM-863 - Renaissance Prayerbook Leaf, c. 1524 
M-12545 - c. 1550 Münster map of the world 
IM-1473 - Book of Hours Leaf - Coetivy Master Workshop 
PA-3042 - Rare Sarcophogus Panel - Ancient Egypt, c. 1070-712 BC 
IM-864 - Elaborate Renaissance Psalter Leaf 
IM-9661 - 1491 Schatzbehalter Leaf with two master woodcuts 
IM-9660: 1491 Schatzbehalter Leaf with Master Woodcut 
M-11370 Hondius Map of Europe, c. 1631 
M-11371 - Hondius map of Asia, c. 1631 
M-11369 - Very decorative map of Africa, c. 1640 
IM-9733 - Medieval Gregorian Chant  
IM-11347: Book of Hours Leaf with miniature of St. Luke 
IM-11333: Medieval Missal Leaf with miniature paintings of The Trinity & Pentecost - c 1470-80 
IM-11332: Medieval Book of Hours Leaf - The Flight into Egypt - c 1470 
D-1566: "Sheriff's Roll" dated 1589 - Reign of Elizabeth I 
M-11473 - 18th Century Celestial Chart 
M-11472 - Map of the Moon's Orbit in 1708 
PA-2776 - Ancient Roman Glass Flask - c. 100 AD 
IM-9682 - Book of Hours Leaf with miniature of the Crucifixion 
IM-9683 - Book of Hours leaf with miniature of The Pentecost 
IM-9696: Medieval Bible Leaf - Exceptional Folio Size 
IM-9705 - Medieval Breviary Leaf with elaborate initial 
D-1565 - "Sheriff's Roll" 1593 - Reign of Elizabeth I 
M-11543 - Ortelius Africa - rare 1570 Issue 
IM-9734 - Medieval Gregorian Chant - Nicene Creed 
PA-2777 - Ancient Roman Glass Flask - 2nd - 3rd century AD 
PA-2784 - Ram-Form Pitcher, circa 1500 BC 
PA-2785 - Ancient Greek two-handled Jug - c. 850-700 BC 
IM-10742 - Book of Hours Leaf with exceptional border decoration - The Magnificat 
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