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   IM-10450 - Hours Leaf, c. 1510 with miniature paintings of St. James (Jacob), and Peter & Paul



IM-10450: (180 x 110mm) Original leaf from a printed and hand-illuminated Renaissance Book of Hours. 28 lines of Latin text, ruled in red. Three three-line, one two-line initial & five paragraph markers illuminated in liquid gold on blue or salmon ground with delicate gold tracery. Printed & fully illuminated by hand in gold & colors by the brothers Gilles and Germain Hardouyn.  Produced at the Hardouyn workshop in Paris, c. 1510. 

The first hand-painted miniature depicts St James the Apostle (Jacob) about to be martyred by order of Herod Agrippa I.   The text above the miniature of St. James begins the prayer for Peter and Paul (painting verso): “De sanctis petro et paulo…” (Of Saints Peter and Paul. Peter the Apostle and Paul the Doctor to the Gentiles have themselves taught us thy law, O Lord. In all the earth their voice has gone forth.  And their words unto the ends of the earty.  O God, whose right hand raised up blessed Peter the Apostle when he was walking on the waves...). The text next to the miniature of James begins: "De sancto Jacobo..." (Of Saint James the Apostle.  Light and adornment of Spain, O most holy James, supporter of the oppressed, succor of travelers, crowned with laurel, who obtaineth the first place of martyrdom among the apostles...).  The second hand-painted miniature depicts Peter with a short white beard, hands bound and crossed standing before the ruler with Paul next to him (often shown together since they share the same feast day).  The text above the painting begins:  "De pluribus..." (Of many apostles.  When thou standest before kings and princes, do not wish to consider how thou shouldst respond.  For it shall be given to thee in that hour what to say...).   

Inventory Number: IM-10450


Charles Edwin Puckett
Contact   Charles or Teresa Puckett Phone: 330-668-0032
Period: Pre-1600
Date: c. 1510
Origin: France
Condition: Excellent
Measurements: 180 x 110 mm
Inventory Other Inventory by this Dealer
Price: SOLD
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