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   IM-10265 - Medieval Book of Hours Leaf with miniature painting of the Presentation in the Temple



IM-10265: (125x85mm) Original leaf from a medieval manuscript Book of Hours. 15 lines of red-ruled, Latin text, written with dark brown ink in lettre batarde script on animal vellum. One three-line illuminated initial in blue on a burnished gold ground with a floral interior in pink; two two-line illuminated initials in blue/mauve with delicate white tracery on a burnished gold ground, having floral interiors in blue, pink or green on burnished gold ground; three one-line illuminated initials & three line-extenders in burnished gold, on blue & red ground with delicate white tracery. Panel border contains highly decorative floral designs with berries & acanthus leaves in blue, pink, green, orange & brushed & burnished gold.   Northern France (Brittany?),  c. 1450-60.

Miniature painting (75x45mm) of The Presentation in the Temple:  The Virgin Mary holds the Christ Child, who looks directly at the reader.  Simeon stands behind the altar with hands clasped, an attendant to his left, Joseph to Mary's left, & a woman with dove-basket behind Mary.  The surrounding border contains highly decorative floral designs in multiple colors & burnished gold with a pelican (symbol of Christ's sacrifice on the Cross) & an amusing drollery.

The Presentation of Jesus at the Temple is described in the Gospel of Luke 2:22-40.  Forty days after the birth of Jesus, Mary & Joseph took the child to the Temple in Jerusalem (as tradition dictated).  Once there, they encountered Simeon the Righteous who prophesized that the infant would redeem the world. 

The two-line illuminated ''D'' begins: ''Deus...'' (Incline unto my aid O God...). The illuminated ''M'' begins the hymn:  ''Memento Salutis...'' (Remember O Creator...).  The illuminated ''I'' begins Psalm 125 (King James 126) 1-2:  ''In convertendo...'' (When our Lord turned the captivity of Sion...).

Inventory Number: IM-10265


Charles Edwin Puckett
Contact   Charles or Teresa Puckett Phone: 330-668-0032
Period: Pre-1600
Date: c. 1450-60
Origin: Northern France (Brittany?)
Condition: Excellent
Measurements: 125 x 85mm
Inventory Other Inventory by this Dealer
Price: SOLD
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