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   PA-3238: Ancient Gold Coin, Justinian the Great - c. 527 - 565 AD



PA-3238: Ancient Byzantine Gold Coin, Justinian I (the Great) - Byzantine. Gold Solidus - Eastern Rome/Byzantine c. 527-565 AD.

Ruler: Justinian I (the Great). Obverse: Cuirassed & helmeted facing bust of Justinian. Reverse: Winged Victory with Cross on Globe.

Mint: Constantinople. (Sear-B140), 20mm, 4.42gm

Justinian I, traditionally known as Justinian the Great and also Saint Justinian in the Orthodox Church, was a Byzantine (East Roman) emperor from 527 to 565. During his reign, Justinian sought to revive the empire's greatness and re-conquer the lost western half of the historical Roman Empire.

One of the most important figures of late antiquity and possibly the last Roman emperor to speak Latin as a first language, Justinian's rule constitutes a distinct epoch in the history of the Later Roman empire. The impact of his administration extended far beyond the boundaries of his time and domain. Justinian's reign is marked by the ambitious but only partly realized renovatio imperii, or "restoration of the Empire".

Inventory Number: PA-3238


Charles Edwin Puckett
Contact   Charles or Teresa Puckett Phone: 330-668-0032
Period: Pre-1600
Date: c. 527 - 565 AD
Origin: Eastern Roman/Byzantine
Condition: Extremely Fine
Measurements: 20mm, 4.42gm
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Price: sold
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