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   A Fine Large English Sailor's Woolie with letters GEG on Banner, Circa 1870


A Fine Large English Sailor's Woolie with letters GEG on Banner, The sailor's woolwork picture of a third rate ship of the line depicts the ship sailing at sea, homeward bound, on still dark blue water. The sky depicted in various shades of blue and white. The woolie is in an unusual upright form created in a tight long stitch. Above the ship is a red banner with the initials GEG. Reference: ( In the British Royal Navy, a third-rate was a ship of the line mounting 64 to 80 guns, typically built with two gun decks (thus the related term two-decker). When the rating system was first established in the 1670s, the third rate was defined as 70 guns, with second-rates having 90 guns, and fourth-rates 54–60 guns. As time passed, and different ships were built with greater or fewer numbers of guns, the term was expanded to include the whole range from 64 to 80. They carried between 500 and 720 men. This designation became especially common because it included the 74-gun ship, which eventually came to be the most popular size of large ship for navies of several different nations. It was an easier ship to handle than a first or second rate ship, but still possessed enough firepower to potentially destroy any single opponent. It was also cheaper to operate. Although the rating system was only used by the Royal Navy, British authors might still use "third-rate" to speak of a French 74. By the end of the 18th century, the rating system had mostly fallen out of common use, ships of the line usually being characterized directly by their number of guns, the numbers even being used as the name of the type, as in "a squadron of three 74s".
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Earle Vandekar of Knightsbridge Inc.
Contact   Paul Vandekar Phone: 212-308-2022
Period: 19th Century (1801-1900)
Date: Circa 1870
Origin: British
Condition: Good
Measurements: 30 1/2 inches x 28 1/4 inches high.
Inventory Other Inventory by this Dealer
Price: $12,500.00
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