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Cornelius Allen Chest on Chest;  Circa 1780-1800 Signed:  Cornelius Allen New Bedford, Massachusetts     For a long time this tall chest and a..

Written by David J. Bernard -Taylor B. Williams Antiques    View more details
Collecting With Passion – Biedermeier and Neoclassical Antiques 1790-1830;  It has been said that antique furniture is like an old book, a collection of sorts just waiting to be discovered and shared.&..

Written by Annette Bashensky    View more details
What makes an English lowboy outstanding? ;    What makes an English lowboy outstanding? By Helen Meserve Running Battle Antiques The lowboy,..

Written by Helen Meserve    View more details
WELSH DRESSERS MAKE A HOUSE A HOME ;  WELSH DRESSERS MAKE A HOUSE A HOME by Helen Meserve, Running Battle Antiques At every antique show we do, at least half a do..

Written by Helen Meserve    View more details
ENGLISH OAK TWO-PART CUPBOARD ;  One of the more charming aspects of English country furniture is the adaptation of the styles which were in favor in the Lond..

Written by Judy King Watson    View more details
ENGLISH CHESTS ;  Among the most enduring and useful pieces of English antique furniture are chests or coffers. The terms 'chest' and 'coffer' ..

Written by Judy King Watson    View more details
ENGLISH BIBLE BOXES ;  The term bible box is loosely applied to any small portable oak box of sixteenth and seventeenth century England. These smal..

Written by Judy King Watson    View more details
THE OLIVER SPICER CORNER CUPBOARD ;  A statement of sophistication and whimsy, this Queen Anne architectural corner cupboard illustrates the divergent styles used..

Written by Kevin J. Tulimieri    View more details
THE EVOLUTION OF THE WRITING DESK IN THE AMERICAN FEDERAL PERIOD ;    Throughout most of the eighteenth century in America the writing desk was a scarce and expensive piece of furniture. ..

Written by Jesse Goldberg    View more details
THE DUNLAP FAMILY OF CABINETMAKERS ;  Working in New Hampshire in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the Dunlap family produced fine pieces of furniture in a ..

Written by Judd Gregory    View more details
SET OF SIX BIRDCAGE WINDSOR CHAIRS ;  This is a set of six birdcage or chicken coop windsor side chairs. Today, it is rare to find a large set still in tact. Many ..

Written by Priscilla Boyd Angelos    View more details
PORTSMOUTH FEDERAL SHERATON CARD TABLE ;  Exceptional Sheraton carved and inlaid mahogany serpentine card table, the tops and base of the apron with dart inlaid edges ..

Written by Thomas Schwenke    View more details
PAINT DECORATED COMB-BACK WINDSOR ARMCHAIR CONNECTICUT, Circa 1790 ;  Fine Connecticut comb-back Windsor armchair with folky, exaggerated spiral volute ears, oversized knuckle hand-holds carved f..

Written by Jeffrey Tillou    View more details
DUNCAN PHYFE CANDLESTAND ;  Furniture from the workshop of Duncan Phyfe has certain characteristics not found on pieces made in other contemporary cabine..

Written by Thomas Schwenke    View more details
CONVEX OR “GIRANDOLE” MIRRORS ;  Terminology: Convex Mirror, “Girandole” Mirror, or Bulls-Eye MirrorConvex mirror is the generic term for a reflective glass s..

Written by Bradley Kyser & Charles Hollingsworth    View more details
A FEW NOTES ON THE ENGLISH WINDSOR CHAIR;  The following is a brief look into a subject which when extensively examined can easily become book length. The remarks are ..

Written by Judy King Watson    View more details
COLLECTING PAINTED FURNITURE: THE RARE MILK CUPBOARD ;  For the entirety of my adult experience in collecting and selling antiques, painted American furniture in original or early s..

Written by Jeff Bridgman    View more details
HIGH BACK SETTLES KEPT THE COLD WIND AWAY;  Most English cottages of the 16th century had only a few essential pieces of furniture. Upstairs would be a loft or room with..

Written by Helen Meserve    View more details

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